Dirty Talk – Words to Avoid and Words to Definitely Use
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Dirty Talk – Words to Avoid and Words to Definitely Use

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Have you ever been in a relationship where your lover says something that was completely innocent on the surface, but somehow you felt a little something in the groin area? You’re not alone – there are certain words or phrases that just sound sexy, whether it’s a partner or one of the Hobart Escorts you find online who uses them.

In the same way, there are words men use that sound sexy, and can get even more so with the right expression and tone. You know how suggestive words can be; used correctly, there’s definitely going to be sexual tension between the two of you. However, there are words that aren’t as sexy-sounding. Here are a few examples.

  1. Moist. You may think this strange, because how else would you describe a woman’s vagina? But according to a study involving more than 2000 students, a little less than 20% of them disliked the word because it’s associated with bodily functions not connected to sex.


  1. Cunt. Any synonym for the vagina, in fact, isn’t as much of a turn-on as blokes may think they are. You are old enough not to be embarrassed about using the word ‘vagina’, after all, so use it if you need to. If using the word itself seems awkward for what you want to say, just use “you” instead. As in “You’re so wet, I could easily slide in.”


  1. Squirt. As it turns out, this word’s connections with porn scenes isn’t very arousing, so using this word when you try to talk dirty won’t have as much of an effect as you’d like. If you’re roleplaying and your character would be the type to say it, then go ahead. Otherwise, avoid using it if you don’t want to turn your partner off.


But what words should you use? They’re the ones that are suggestive or somehow stimulating, such as these:

  1. Wet. Not only does it roll off the tongue easier compared to ‘moist’, but it has a pretty big effect on the ladies. According to experts, letting your partner know you can see or feel how wet she is will turn up her arousal. It’s like sharing a naughty secret, says one babe.


  1. Tight. When you tell a woman how tight she feels down there, it gets her going because there’s something about the word that calls to mind something desirable, and that’s what lends to its sexiness. After all, there’s no babe who doesn’t want to feel like her man is filling her up.


  1. Her name. It’s not really a word, but when you’re enjoying sex and calling your partner’s name, it shows that at least you’re not fantasising about your ex, or any other sexy babe you’ve dreamed of screwing before. Besides, being able only to moan her name is hot. So is whispering it in a husky voice. Do so and you could find your partner acting more like one of the Hobart Escorts instead of herself that evening.


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