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Burn Calories and Look Great Using These Top 4 Sex Positions

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Hobart Escorts

Sex is great, no question. After all, it feels good, and research has shown that it has certain beneficial effects such as alleviating headaches and preventing the common cold. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting hot and heavy with a long-term partner or you’re with one of the Hobart Escorts you found online.

Given how tired you may feel after sex, you may have guessed that it can help you burn calories and get toned. Depending on what part of the body you want to strengthen or tone, here are some positions that can help achieve just that.

1. Lotus. If you want to work on your lower back, your hips, or your core, this position is a good pick. You’ll be sitting cross-legged with your girl in your lap, her legs wrapped around your waist or slightly bent so she can rest her feet on the mattress (or floor, wherever you happen to be).

You can pull her close so her boobs are pressed against your chest, or have her lean back so you have more room to thrust. To keep your legs from falling asleep and to make this position more of a core workout, you can stretch your legs out in front of you.

2. Suspended congress. This position involves you carrying your partner and thrusting away while she holds on to your shoulders and wraps her legs around your waist so she stays in place. As you can probably tell, this position helps you strengthen your arms and legs, as well as your back.

If you want to make sure you don’t accidentally drop her and so you don’t tire out so soon, enlist the aid of a nearby wall to give you more stability.

3. Doggy style. This position and variations of it will help you strengthen your core and your hips, along with your arms and chest if the variation has your girl lying on her belly. If she’s not on her hands and knees, you’d have to do a combination of kneeling push-up and hip thrust. This means you can’t fondle her boobs, but you’ll have more stimulation because her legs are closer together.

With regular doggy style, of course, you’re mostly targeting your core and your hips.

4. Missionary. This classic actually gets the job done on a lot of fronts, as far as a workout is concerned. You get to work on your upper body strength, your hips, and your core. In short, the important parts for that horizontal workout. Start out slow if you’re just getting warmed up, or use this position to finish and turn up the tempo.

If you want to try these sex positions-cum-workouts for yourself but don’t have a committed partner, don’t worry; you can always search online for Hobart Escorts to help you out.

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