Australian Adult Industry Awards Nominates Private Girls Australia!
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Australian Adult Industry Awards Nominates Private Girls Australia!

The Australian adult entertainment is a heaven for many gentlemen and bachelors in the country. Every city and state in Australia is guaranteed to make your intimate fantasies a reality. From different escort agencies, courtesans, sexy strippers and a whole lot more, your satisfaction is guaranteed in this industry. While men are the usual target market, females too can have their own slice of fun in the adult entertainment business.

The Best Adult WebsiteDelivering more than $4 billion in the local market, the adult industry contributes to Australia’s economy. Aside from the usual money-making establishments, Sex expositions or SexPo’s also attract foreign and local tourists from different parts of the world. There are tons of events about sex and the adult entertainment in Australia and one of them is the AAIA or the Australian Adult Industry Awards happening this July.

The event aims to recognize the best and the brightest in the business with categories such as Best Escort of the Year, Alpha Girl award, best female/ male porn star and many more. Happening at the Melbourne Sofitel Hotel, this fantastic night is filled with the most popular men and women of the adult entertainment business. People are flying from different states in the country to witness this spectacular event.

It is no question that the Internet had helped with spreading our openness and knowledge on all things sex related that is why the AAIA opened a new category: Best Adult Website of the Year which had a lot of nominees but among the most competitive contender is Private Girls Australia. Bagging last year’s Adult Website of the Year it is no question that they could be taking the award this year as well.

Private Girls Australia was founded in 2007 in Perth, Australia as an independent escort advertising website. The entity started off with no more than 7 escorts in their gallery but because of hard work and determination, today the site boasts more than 700+ escorts advertising in all states in Australia. It is a great avenue for potential clients to meet with tons of different escorts locally. Because of the heavy web traffic, many escorts opt for Private Girls.

Here are some of our escorts’ reviews which you can also read on our website:

She is exactly what she describes herself in her ads & website, totally professional with a wicked sense of humor. Will I be back? For sure.

Her mischievous bright green eyes may just be her secret weapon. They had been hiding behind glasses at the start and certainly sucked me in.

Her photos don’t do her justice. She is tanned and golden from top to bottom and she has incredibly soft skin that you just want to keep on touching. Our session was unhurried and I am still just thinking WOW!

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