All's Fair in Love and War – Secrets to Handling Disagreements With Your Partner
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All’s Fair in Love and War – Secrets to Handling Disagreements With Your Partner

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When you’re in a relationship with someone, it may seem strange to feel relieved that you can disagree, even fight. As some escorts in Hobart put it, fights are a sign that the relationship is a healthy one; after all, you can’t disagree if you just don’t care about your partner in the first place.

However, this is true only to a certain extent. There’s such a thing as fighting dirty against your partner, and too many disagreements can doom the relationship. How long you’ve been together, let alone the cause of the disagreement, doesn’t matter. The only thing you should be concerned about is how you handle each argument or fight as it happens.

So here’s how to fight fair, for a stronger relationship and a closer bond.
1. Make sure your partner understands you. In a relationship, you’re not fighting your partner to win the argument; more often than not, the disagreement started because you felt hurt or misunderstood. Therefore, don’t make accusing remarks, and don’t generalize (i.e. “you never listen to me”). That will only rile your partner up more, and muddy the waters further.

Instead, explain your side of the story – for instance, saying you felt upset because she didn’t look like she was listening sounds better than just saying she wasn’t paying attention.

2. Don’t bring up the past. Don’t turn to previous issues to make your case; you’ll only look like a kid who held onto a petty grudge. This is especially true if you resolved those past disagreements, and if they’re unrelated to your current one.

3. Listen. Disagreements go both ways, so you and your partner should give each other a chance to explain your side, with neither one getting defensive, interrupting, or cutting across. Make sure she’s finished speaking before you respond to her, so that she’ll show you the same courtesy and listen.

4. Don’t raise your voice. Shouting to be heard over the din of a crowd? Sure, that works. Trying to make a point by shouting at your partner? That’s a bad idea. Instead of getting her to listen, you’ll only make her feel more frustrated and, in turn, make her yell too. Do your best to stay calm instead, and speak in a modulated voice. This shows your partner that you really do want to discuss things, not fight.

5. Remember the reason for the fighting. This isn’t to score points or to prove that you’re the dominant one in the relationship. Your only actual goal is to be heard, and to clear up misunderstandings – don’t forget that, even in the heat of the moment. Afterward, don’t forget to reconcile with your partner, no matter who started the argument.

If you’re still unattached and rely more on escorts in Hobart to keep you company, you don’t have to worry about arguing with your significant other. If you’re happily attached, though, keep these in mind so any arguments you have will strengthen, not hurt your relationship.

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