A Funny And Tawdry Look At The World's Most Promiscuous Cities
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A Funny And Tawdry Look At The World’s Most Promiscuous Cities

Hobart EscortsPlanning to go on a sex tour? Or if a sex tour sounds too excessive for you, will you just look for the best city to find quick casual sex? According to an article published in the online magazine ‘The Richest’,  the best cities to go for quick and easy casual sex are Berlin, Macau, Manama (Bahrain), New Orleans, Moscow,  Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Tijuana, and Pattaya in Thailand. Here’s a quick tour of the top 5 most promiscuous global cities.

  1. Pattaya, Thailand

The city of Pattaya is hailed as the best setting for casual sex. Here, guys and girls have sex at an average age of 15, and the city has a treasure trove of brothels, massage parlours, sex shows, beaches, and hourly motels and hotels. Perhaps, they’ve got their own exotic versions of Hobart Escorts, too.

  1. Tijuana, Mexico

If you think Tijuana is just your typical violent, drug -infested and chaotic Mexican border city, think again. The city is actually responsible for a whooping 63 percent of the state’s sexually active men and women. Perhaps, it’s because alcohol is very cheap here, and prostitution – widespread and legal. Of course, any Gringo with the US Dollar will definitely get a lot more from his money here.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With restrictions on marijuana and other drugs almost non-existent, the Dutch city of Amsterdam is another place where you normally see brightly-lit brothels on almost every street corner. While Amsterdam is considered as Europe’s sex capital, the city actually strongly promotes safe sex, and safe drug use, too.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Who else doesn’t know the reputation of Las Vegas? With gambling a major contributor to the local economy, it comes to no surprise that bars, sex clubs and prostitutes abound. According to a survey done by a local TV station, 3 out of 12 people visiting this city that never sleeps, engage in sex on a daily basis. This is definitely a lot, considering that an average of 39 million people visit the city every year.

  1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Because Brazilians are known to be a very carefree and erotic bunch of people, it’s not surprising that their country ranks high in the list of most promiscuous countries. Of course the best place to find casual sex in Brazil would be Rio De Janeiro, with its topless beaches, thriving brothels, and raucous festivals.

Well, if you cant go to Pattaya, Tijuana or any of these carefree, erotically-charged cities, then perhaps it would be better to stay home, and enjoy spending your nights with young and sexy Hobart Escorts.

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