5 Traits Guys Have That Ladies Find Hot
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5 Traits Guys Have That Ladies Find Hot

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It turns out that both sexes often wonder what’s hot – and what’s not. When you’re trying to catch the eye of the opposite sex, you want to know what draws them in, and what makes them look away. Certain Hobart escorts know how to attract the blokes, of course. Can you do the same with the ladies?

It may come as a surprise to learn that going from ‘nice’ to ‘hot’ doesn’t take a lot. According to the ladies themselves, here are some of those traits they see is ‘hot’ material.

1. Style. Khakis and a nice pair of shoes are all you need to look a little more dressed up – not too casual, but not too formal either. If it’s clear that you know how to rock your own clothing style while sticking with smart casual outfits, it earns you even more points with her.

A good rule of thumb to follow is: dress as if you’re going to meet someone important at any point, but nothing over the top.

2. Hair. She’s not going to give you a second glance if your hairstyle is the same one every other bloke is sporting. However, if you have a different one, and it enhances your appearance, then you can be sure she’s going to crane her head to get a better look.

3. Maturity. Being baby-faced may be a good thing for teens, but not so much when you’re older. Stubble-free cheeks and chins will make blokes look younger than they are, true, but that’s not hot – it’s cute. You don’t want her to think of you as her younger brother, right?

There’s no need to grow a full beard – that will hide your jawline and some babes dislike that. Shave if you have to, but don’t panic if you can’t. Use that stubble to your advantage.

4. Humour. A man who looks good but takes everything too seriously may find himself having trouble attracting the ladies. Even if you look good when you’re pensive, sullen, or thinking things through, you’ll look better if a smile lights up your features now and then. So be serious when you need to, but don’t stop yourself from joking around.

5. Manners. There’s really something about a guy who knows how to treat people right, and not just the ladies. She’s bound to look at you in a whole new light if you do something like holding the door open for her or make sure she’s on the safe side of the pavement.

The same thing will happen if you treat blue-collar workers – baristas, janitors, and so on – with respect and the dignity they deserve. Ladies want a partner who’ll treat them right, not trample over them.

So if you have these traits, finding the right girl won’t be far off. Until then, you can practice your charm and experience the warmth of, say, Hobart escorts, when you need some company.

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