4 Secrets to Going from A New Relationship to a Good Relationship
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4 Secrets to Going from A New Relationship to a Good Relationship

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A new relationship is always an exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking experience. You’re nervous about getting along with your new lover and at the same time you want to know what this relationship has to offer – much like you’d want to find out how good Hobart escorts are at their job.

However, as exciting as that new relationship may be, you have to make sure you don’t rush things, or it could derail things before they can really get going. It’s important to keep the excitement alive for as long as you can, so you can go from a new relationship to a good relationship. Here are a few tips that will bring you sweet success in that area.

1. Hold back on expensive gifts. While it may sound like a good idea to give your girl a lavish gift every few days to let her know you were thinking of her, it’s best to hold back. There’s nothing wrong with gift-giving, of course, but if you give her expensive gifts all the time, they’ll start losing their meaning. If you want to give her a gift for no reason, get her something small. Save the big gifts for special occasions.

2. Don’t meet too often. Are you going out for dinner every day, or meeting for coffee every afternoon after work? Then you’re going to get tired of each other sooner than you think. This is because of how much time and effort each meeting takes, which can make you feel annoyed at some point. Plus, the conversations will just be going around in circles.

Calling or texting each other is fine, since that takes less time out of your routine. But as far as physically meeting goes, just once a week will suffice. That will leave you with enough time for other things you need to take care of, at the same time making sure you’ll have something to catch up on.
3. Don’t be clingy. You don’t own each other, so don’t act like it. If you want to have a good relationship, you and your girl need to give each other space to do other things. Just like meeting too often can make you feel tired of your partner, so can wanting to do everything together. Remember that, even if you’re in a relationship, you’re still just a small part of each other’s lives.

4. Don’t push for sex too soon. While you may feel pretty horny every time you meet your girl, you need to fight the urge to have sex with her as soon as possible. If it happens, it happens. But if you try to set things up each time so that things get sexual, she could soon lose her trust in you.

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