4 Important Things Men Need To Know About Female Orgasm
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4 Important Things Men Need To Know About Female Orgasm

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Just like a woman’s personality, her orgasm also needs to be fully understood. Only then can you ensure that everything will work according, as what Hobart Escorts suggests. But aside from that, understanding it will allow you to give the best sex. You’ll know exactly what makes her come, or which parts of her body she liked being stimulated the most. To help you do just that, below are some of the things you need to know about her orgasm.

Try to take her off the clock

Just as you’re concerned about lasting longer, many women are so self-conscious about taking too long that they end up faking orgasm or deciding to go without. The solution? Stop obsessing over orgasms—yours and hers. You see, relaxation is the single most important factor in bringing a woman to orgasm. Try it and you’ll surely be bringing wonders in bed.

Do Your Best to Turn Her on Using Your Talent

The best sex starts long before the clothes come off. Talent—more than rugged good looks or a chiseled midsection—is a powerful aphrodisiac. Less surprisingly, poor hygiene and a messy home are among women’s biggest turnoffs. Do whatever you can – the things that you’re good at – to please her. Or make her die laughing at your self-deprecating display of atrocious jokes. Yes, humor is a talent, too.

Appreciate Her Body (Especially When She’s Nude)

Women who worry about the way they look down there are less likely to orgasm easily during oral sex. In fact, women who feel embarrassed or ashamed about their bodies have less sexual experience and are less sexually assertive. Clearly, you have everything to gain with flattery. If you love the way she looks naked—and you do, right?—share the news.

Vary Your Angle

The key is to explore various types of penetration to figure out what turns her on most. Your first stop: her G-spot, located about 1 to 2 inches up the front wall of her vagina. This spongy region swells during arousal. Try massaging the area slowly with your fingers. A lot of women find it mind blowing. Not her thing? Just move on.

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