3 More Reasons That Would Make You Love Having Shower Sex Again
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3 More Reasons That Would Make You Love Having Shower Sex Again

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The bedroom is a perfectly fine place to relax, unwind, sleep and have sex. However, there’s something to be said for trying a new sex location that offers different experiences and sensations, like in the – shower! But, a shower romp has gotten a bad rap because of safety concerns, from the fear of slipping on wet floors and injuring yourself to fears that the water may ruin the fun. However, let our guide below make the case for why shower sex should be on top of your sexual playlist.

It’s Ideal When Your Lady Has Her Period

Even though there’s no reason to skip sex when a woman’s menstruating, a lot of women just don’t like it, and I bet your favourite Hobart Escorts don’t like doing it too during their period, for they don’t want their bed sheets to look like a crime scene!

However, researchers say that getting it on during your period actually has a number of health benefits, and doing it in the shower means doing away with any mess, like bloody periods! Plus, a woman’s flow can also act as extra wetness!

The Best Positions Keep You Stable

Like sex on a couch, shower sex confines you and your lady to a small, tight are where your bodies are pressed up close together, allowing for maximum touching and kissing while you’re doing the deed. At the same time, finding a sex position that works for both of you can be a challenge too!

Heat Can Make Your Body More Bendy

The heat from a warm shower also relaxes muscles and joints, and relieves tension as well as soothes stiffness. This also helps improve blood flow, and good blood flow also makes skin more sensitive.

With this in mind, shower sex can definitely enhance sexual sensation, and make you and your hookup mate, or the hot and sizzling Hobart Escorts extra flexible, which is a very good thing considering that it can be tricky to find a sex position that you’re both comfortable in!

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