10 Surprising yet Popular Fetishes that Hobart Escorts can do for you
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10 Surprising yet Popular Fetishes that Hobart Escorts can do for you

Hobart escorts are women that can cater varied sensual fetishes of their clients. Whether special requests or fixations, they can perform this specific services all for their client’s pleasure as long as it is safe. But some of these fixations are just bordering shocking and somehow insane. As crazy as it sounds many people are into this and are taking sexual pleasure from it.

Here are some of the most popular yet surprising fetishes that some couples are into:

1. Agalmatophilia. Practitioners of this fetish get sexual pleasure from mannequins or dolls. Some individuals are even attracted to life size statues or even small dolls, really bizarre.
2. Ursusagalmatophilia. Role playing is a prominent fetish often bridging out to weird scenarios and this is one of them. Ursusagalmatophilia is a fixation mainly focused on animals or beings that are rather “furry”.
3. Partialism. A distinction of a foot fetish, practitioners of this fixation obtains sexual pleasure from women that are wearing high heels or photos of women wearing them.
4. Salirophilia. One of the weirdest yet popular fetishes. Salirophiliacs get sexual pleasure from dirt or being dirty, as if the thought of sex is not dirty enough.
5. Paraphilic infantilism. Guys (yes, this fetish is popular among men.) derive pleasure by dressing up as infants in diapers while engaged in sex usually as a form of role play.
6. Hybristophilia. Women are attracted to bad boys. But with the case of Hysbristophiliacs, they are attracted to men that are literally bad criminals.
7. Hematolagnia. This fetish involves drinking or having erotic thoughts about blood. Basically, not only vampires enjoy this bodily fluid, even humans themselves.
8. Mechanophilia. With the growth of technology and number of gadgets that we have, it is essential that we have gadgets for our daily lives. But with the case of mechanophiliacs, they get sexual pleasure from it apart from its benefits in modern living.
9. Claustrophilia. If you have developed a love for closed or tight spaces, then you can be a candidate for this fetish. Couples that are claustrophiliacs often have sex in tight and closed spaces, tacky.
10. Odaxelagnia. Biting has always been a part of sex but if you are having a fixation or get sexually turned on by biting, then you can be an odaxelagniac.

With thorough research in psychology, there are countless more fetishes that are being discovered by experts. These fetishes can sometimes be surprising but the truth is that it exists and many people are driving pleasure from it.

So if you are considering on having with the lovely Hobart escorts, initiate in making the move to communicate with them. Be open to what you really want to be fulfilled during your companionship with them.

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